A bright smile conveys health, beauty, and confidence. Staying ahead of teeth discoloration is not as hard as you may think. Simple everyday habits can ensure that your smile remains white and attractive. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth, we proudly offer Zoom! Teeth Whitening. The treatment can brighten enamel by up to 10 shades with a single, one-hour treatment.

To remind our patients about proven tips for maintaining a white smile, we’ve made this the topic of this month’s blog.

Go Electric for Superior Dental Care

There’s a reason why many dentists and hygienists use an electric toothbrush for home dental care. Many electric brushes maintain oscillations of 24,000 or more per minute. Try to beat that on your own! Those micromovements can help remove plaque in hard-to-reach areas of your mouth. These devices often have built-in timers that remind patients to brush for a full two minutes.

Electric brushes are not full-proof, though. We recommend that our patients use the electronic device for the full duration of the built-in timer. Patients should be careful to cover every surface of their teeth while keeping in mind that the back molars are the most prone to developing tooth decay. 

Remember, you do not have to move the electric device in a brushing (back and forth) movement as you would a non-electric toothbrush. Simply place the vibrating bristles on the surface of your tooth with gentle but firm pressure. 

Watch What You Eat

Sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but many of our favorite foods are enamel-staining. These foods and drinks include:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sports drinks
  • Tamarind
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Berries

You do not have to abstain from these foods and drinks. If the offending stainer is a drink, try using a straw. If you have to have that blueberry pastry, consider using a mouthwash or brushing your teeth after finishing it off. Most of us couldn’t bear the thought of cutting out coffee. If you like hot java, try switching to iced coffee and drink it with a straw. Or cut back.

Crunchy vegetables can actually help clean your teeth while promoting the production of saliva. In general, a plant-based diet is good for your overall health and the appearance of your teeth. 

Dental Care Means Gum Tissue Care

We spend a lot of time discussing the health of teeth when discussing dental care. The appearance of our teeth is largely determined by the shape and color of our gum tissue. If you suffer from gum disease, your gums may be swollen and dark in color. We offer a wide range of treatments for periodontal disease. Flossing, using a therapeutic mouthwash, and scheduling twice-a-year dental cleanings can help you maintain healthy and attractive gums.

Gum recession is another dental problem that should be avoided. The loss of gum tissue can expose tooth roots, which is both unattractive and unhealthy for your smile. Common causes of gum recession include: aggressive brushing, hard-bristle toothbrushes, gum disease, and crooked teeth. 

Try a Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste products often contain abrasive additives, like baking soda, that are effective at removing plaque. You can even find toothpaste products that contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide — the same bleaching agent used in professional teeth whitenings. A member of our dental team will be glad to recommend an effective toothpaste. There are many products on the market, so try several before settling on one that works best for you.

Stay Ahead of Plaque with Proper Dental Care

As we age, our enamel naturally becomes discolored. One of the leading causes of discoloration remains plaque and tartar, though. Tartar is calcified plaque. One way to stay ahead of tartar is to brush carefully two times a day. Once tough deposits build on your teeth, they can only be removed through professional dental cleanings. 

What Are My Professional Teeth Whitening Options?

Even diligent cleaning will not always deliver drastically white teeth. Many of our patients follow these tips and schedule professional whitening treatments to enjoy teeth that are healthy and bright. During your Zoom! Whitening treatment, a protective barrier will be placed along your gums to ensure that the bleaching agent does not come into contact with your gum tissue. Then, a special bleaching gel will be placed inside your custom mouthpiece and the mouthpiece will be placed over your teeth. A member of our dental team will place a special light near your mouth to speed the whitening process. 

As you wait, you will be monitored to ensure that you are completely comfortable throughout your procedure. After one hour, a member of our team will remove your mouthpiece before washing off any remaining gel. There is no recovery time associated with this cosmetic treatment. Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity to hot or cold drinks. We generally advise avoiding hot or cold foods or drinks for a few days following your teeth whitening treatment.   

Schedule Your Next Visit to Dockland Dental Studio

Incorporating these simple tips into your everyday life can help you stay ahead of tooth discoloration. Having a bright, white smile is not as hard as you may think. If we were to add a sixth tip, it would be to visit our office twice a year for dental cleanings and exams. Even with good oral hygiene habits, plaque will find a way to calcify around certain areas of your teeth. Only the special tools used by our dental team can remove these tough deposits.

If you have any further questions about oral health, dental care, or how to maintain your white smile, we’ll be glad to answer your questions during your next visit. To schedule your next cleaning, please contact our office online or call (03) 9021 9487.