General Dentistry


In addition to your diligent daily brushing and flossing at home, you should have a trusted general dentist on your healthcare team. At Docklands Dental Studio, we’re happy to welcome new patients and invite you to visit us for all of your dental care needs. We offer general dentistry for children and adults from all walks of life.

Why General Dentistry is Important

Your mouth hosts at least 600 different types of bacteria, some of which are bad for your oral and overall health. A few types of bacteria mix with saliva to create a matrix called plaque, which naturally sticks to teeth. As the bacteria consume starches, they produce an acid that makes dental enamel prone to cavities. The plaque calcifies into tartar (or calculus) in about 48 hours, if it is not removed from all surfaces of the teeth. Floss and toothbrushes often can’t reach all sides of teeth, particularly those in the back of the mouth. Therefore, tartar builds up on teeth at the gum line, and tartar contributes to the development of gum disease.

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is the fifth most prevalent disease in Australia, with moderate to severe cases occurring in nearly a quarter of the population. Without professional periodontal disease treatment, the condition can advance to cause gum and jawbone necrosis (death), as well as tooth loss. Gum disease is also linked to an increased potential for certain health conditions, such as heart disease, dementia, and diabetes complications. Pregnant mothers are at risk for low-weight birth when gum disease is present.

How General Dentistry Helps

Regular dental checkups and periodontal cleanings will deter your potential for tooth decay and gum disease. In turn, you’ll enjoy fresher breath, better oral health, and a lower risk of associated health concerns. However, general dentistry involves more. We offer dental sealants to shield teeth from decay and fluoride treatments to improve the natural defense against cavities.

In addition, we capture intraoral and panoramic x-rays of our patients’ teeth and jaws. These help the dentist diagnose problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Commonly, x-rays reveal fractures or cavities that occur between teeth or below the gum line. Internal root canal infection and abscesses are also visible by x-ray, as are impacted teeth that require extraction. At a checkup, the dentist examines the entire oral cavity, dental records, and x-rays to diagnose concerns in the earliest stage, when treatment is least invasive and most effective. We will present our findings and a treatment plan that involves restorative procedures, when necessary.

Another common preventive dental measure, available through a general dentist, is the mouth guard. These simple oral appliances are made to address various issues. An athletic mouth guard protects teeth during sporting events and activities that could involve a blow to the face. Patients who suffer with bruxism, teeth grinding and gnashing, benefit from a mouth guard that keeps upper and lower teeth apart during sleep. Mouth guards may also be created to help relieve snoring or TMJ pain.

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