Mouth Guards


As your family dentist of choice, the professionals at Docklands Dental Studio are interested in protecting your smile for life. In addition to preventive checkups and cleanings, general and restorative dental procedures, and providing education and instruction about all things dental related, we offer three specific types of mouth guards. Each of these appliances has a specific purpose, and not all are appropriate for every patient. At your checkup, the dentist will talk with you about your lifestyle, habits, and health issues to determine whether an oral appliance would be in your best interest.

Athletic Mouth Guards

People, including children, who play sports need to wear an athletic mouth guard. Even no- and low-contact sports can result in a facial injury. Bicyclists and gymnasts are at risk for dental injury when enjoying their sport. You can purchase an effective over-the-counter mouth guard that can be boiled and imprinted with your teeth at home. However, a custom-fitted athletic mouth guard made by a dentist will not only protect your teeth, it will feel more comfortable than boil-and-bite varieties.

Bruxism Appliance

Many of our patients find out that they grind their teeth while sleeping, only when informed by their bedmate. Others learn of their destructive habit when the dentist notices unexplained tooth wear on molars, during a routine oral examination. If you are a bruxer, meaning that you clench and grind your teeth, your dentition will take a toll. Bruxers commonly experience cracks, fractures, wear, and increased incidence of tooth decay on back teeth as a result of clenching and grinding teeth during sleep. Some even develop pain in the jaw, head, neck, or back because of the jaw’s tension and stress. To keep upper and lower teeth from touching, and to relieve stressed jaw muscles, we offer a night guard. This custom mouth guard can be worn while sleeping or during the day to prevent the nagging symptoms and unavoidable destruction that bruxism causes.

Snoring Cessation Appliance

If you snore, and you or your bedmate want you to stop, talk with us about a mouth guard specifically designed for snoring cessation. The appliance is worn while sleeping. It keeps the lower jaw slightly forward to allow free airflow and clear breathing. Snoring occurs when soft tissues in the throat vibrate when partially blocking the airway. A snoring appliance, or snore guard, keeps the air path free from obstruction, thus stopping the vibrations that cause snoring. You and your partner will sleep easier and more soundly with a snoring cessation appliance.

Mouth Guard Care

All mouth guards and their storage containers are subject to bacterial build up. After each use, rinse your mouth guard thoroughly with soap and water, then dry it before storing. A mouth guard container should feature holes to allow for evaporation of moisture. If your mouth guard smells, place it in a cup of mouthwash or denture cleaner, then brush it clean and rinse with water; dry it before storing. If you do not maintain a clean mouth guard, you could suffer from illness or staph infection.

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