When you gaze at the images of movie stars on the covers of magazines at the grocery store checkout or read an online article about a model with a gleaming white teeth, do you wonder if you could ever have that kind of smile? Photoshopping aside, there are practical ways to care for your teeth that can yield positive, long-term results that may not be as dramatic as you might think. For a start, we can focus on everyday personal dental hygiene. The dentists at Docklands Dental Studio know this concept well. While they are highly trained and have a mission to address every type of dental need using the latest technologies, regular check-ups are a good place to start. Our doctors are highly skilled to create a lifetime of smiles. Providing care in a comforting atmosphere, our doctors are focused on the complex needs of patients and remain committed to providing education so patients can enjoy healthy smiles for life.

Begin with the Basics

Start with what you know: From childhood, many of us have been taught to brush our teeth two times per day and floss once daily, preferably in the evening. The daily brushing removes tartar, acid, food particles, and stains from coffee, tea, wine, or other substances. Brushing helps maintain the surface of tooth enamel, keeps breath fresh, and ensures gums stay healthy.

Flossing helps remove smaller food particles and helps reduce the chance of gingivitis and more serious periodontal diseases. When you floss, you keep your gums strong and prevent the build up of tartar which can turn to plaque, which only a dental professional can remove. This little bit of maintenance goes a long way!


You would not intentionally neglect your teeth and gums. Another way to care for them is to schedule regular visits to the dentist for check-ups. Often, dental visits are scheduled twice per year, but your dentist can recommend the optimal number of visits for you and your family. Our team of doctors are trained in pediatric dentistry for kids that can help them develop a lifetime of healthy dental habits. Teaching them early how to approach proper oral hygiene is key to their overall health, and we can help care for little ones and their oral health as they grow.

Food to the Rescue

Did you know a balanced diet not only contributes to a person’s overall nutritional health, but also the teeth? Eating nutritionally-dense foods provides nutrients that the teeth need to remain strong. Other rules of thumb like taking in plenty of water and watching the amounts of sugar you consume have an impact on one’s oral health. It is also important to take your vitamins and eat plant-based foods that naturally provide a healthy boost to the system.

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When you focus on preventative dental care, you have the chance to avoid conditions like cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth decay, and tooth loss. When you avoid basic oral care, you increase the chances of experiencing potential health concerns related to poor dental hygiene – some of which can be serious like osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, respiratory issues, and cancer. Contact us today at (03) 9021 9487 and schedule your appointment. When you visit our office, our team of dentists can help you prevent these concerns with simple, preventative care. Let us help you stay on track and keep your smile healthy for life.

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