Areas of Service

Looking for a trustworthy, reliable dentist in Docklands Melbourne?

Choosing a dentist can be tricky. Not only will you have to live with the results of a dentist’s work for years or even decades – if something goes wrong, you may not know about it until many years later, especially if you’re looking to get a crown or prosthetic installed!

The fact is, picking a right dentist isn’t just about cosmetic changes; it’s about taking care of yourself and your health by choosing the right professional from the very start. This can be difficult because there are so many great professionals out there. Unless you know exactly what to look for, you may get end up getting lost or paying the wrong professional to do your dental work.

This is where we come in. We are driven by a customer-centric work ethic, and are committed to giving you the best possible information so you can make an informed choice. That’s why you’re always welcome to contact us by either calling (03) 9021 9487 or 0488 799 487, sending an email to,or by simply visiting our Contact Us page.

Our Areas of Service

This makes us conveniently located if you need a dentist in any of the following areas:

  • Melbourne CBD
  • Southbank
  • Port Melbourne
  • North Melbourne
  • South Melbourne
  • West Melbourne
  • South Wharf

Getting To Us

An accessible location is incredibly important for any dentist. Not only do we want our patients to reach us with maximum ease – we want to make it easy for you to come back in the future. That’s why we strategically placed our dental practice in a way that allows our customers to conveniently visit us.

A short walk away from both Port Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, or Southbank we’re easy to reach via car and tram.

Payment Plan Options

Afraid you may not be able to afford the medical care you need? Have no fear; we offer multiple tailored payment plans so we can focus on you, your health and your smile without any inconveniences.

Our payment plan options feature:

  • Simple Direct Debit Payment Plan
  • Bank Account or Credit Card Debits
  • Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly Cycles
  • No Credit or Finance Contracts
  • No Interest Rates Apply
  • Extra Payments at Anytime
  • Payout at Anytime

As you can tell,  we’ve done everything possible to create a payment plan that allows you to get your dental and oral care with ease.

So when you book an appointment online, you can feel at ease; we’re here to help you alleviate your problems, by providing the dental care you deserve.

Note: Each Responsible Party for Payments that entered into a DentiCare Payment Plan is required to meet the Direct Debit Service Agreement and Conditions of Use requirements.

Why Choose Us?

What sets us apart, aside from our convenient location? Why choose us and not the other dentists in Melbourne?

Here at the Dockland Dental Studio, we are a truly customer-focused operation. Not only are we backed by years of experience – we offer general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, with multiple professionals who specialise in different areas. That means we can serve all your needs so you never have to go back into the unknown and go through finding another new dentist.

We also care deeply about providing the best service possible to our patients. That’s why we’re the first practice in the area that has invested in a digital panoramic X-Ray machine which improves diagnosis while reducing exposure to radiation. With our digital, paperless office and high-speed WiFi access, the security and integrity of your records are all but guaranteed, so you never have to worry about your information getting lost or mishandled.


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