Would you like a straighter smile without the need for traditional bracketed braces? InvisalignⓇ treatment could be the answer. When you book an appointment with us, ask about this safe, reliable way to move teeth into more natural positions. If you are a prime Invisalign candidate, be sure to take care of your smile during and after treatment for maximum results.

Always Brush and Floss After Eating

One of most appreciated benefits of the Invisalign system is that patients can eat and drink what they want without restriction. Simply remove the clear aligner trays and enjoy meals and snacks! Just be sure to brush and floss before putting aligners back in your mouth. Otherwise, bacteria can build up on and around the teeth and gums, causing excess plaque and putting you at risk of decay or gum disease.

Extra Invisalign care hint: Keep toothpaste, a toothbrush, and dental floss with you wherever you go. You will never be without these necessary hygiene items!

Clean Your Clear Plastic Aligner Trays

Just as you should sanitize your teeth and gums, you should also sanitize your aligner trays. Before putting a tray back in your mouth, scrub it thoroughly with a toothbrush and toothpaste. If you are at home, you can soak your aligner tray in dentist approved mouth rinse or dissolved antibacterial soap during longer meals. Just rinse the aligner well before re-inserting it. That way, your tray will not redeposit odor-causing bacteria or other unwanted residue onto your teeth.

Extra Invisalign care hint: Forgot your special soap rinse? No problem. Just wash your aligner tray off with warm water to get rid of the majority of germs. Then plan to deep clean it later.

Never “Play” With Your Inserted Aligners

Do you have a habit of trying to “flip” your Invisalign clear aligners while they are inside of your mouth? Is it hard for you to leave them alone? Invisalign works when the trays remain in place for around 22 hours per day. If you constantly pull them off your teeth to “play” with them, you will not get the benefit of the Invisalign system.

Extra Invisalign care hint: Enlist the help of a trusted family member, coworker, or friend to alert you if you are mindlessly removing your Invisalign.

Only Whiten Your Teeth With Dentist Approval

Many people who receive Invisalign treatment also choose to whiten their brand new smile. Before you buy teeth whitening gels at the store, talk to your dentist. He or she can help you find a dependable, safe product that can whiten your teeth without hurting your tooth enamel or causing sensitivity or pain.

Extra Invisalign care hint: Why not consider in-office Zoom! teeth whitening treatment? It offers shades-whiter results than over-the-counter products.

Swap Out Aligners on Schedule

Are you someone who has trouble following a schedule? Set up reminders so you know when to swap out one aligner tray for another. If you stop following the Invisalign schedule personalized for your case, your results could be compromised or delayed.

Extra Invisalign care hint: Have an iPhone? Use your “Notes” feature to set up reminders. You can also use advanced email systems to post-date email reminders that will pop up in your in-box.

Keep Aligner Trays in Your Mouth for Recommended Time Frames

Allow enough time for your current aligner tray to work, even if you feel impatient. Trying to move your teeth too fast by switching aligner trays rapidly can lead to tooth damage and pain. Even if it seems as if your current aligner trays have stopped working, they have not. In fact, your teeth need time to adjust to each new position before moving to the next.

Extra Invisalign care hint: Do not use discomfort as a gauge of when to switch aligner trays. Discomfort usually ends within a day or two of swapping out one aligner tray for another.

Follow Your Aligner Order

Your Invisalign aligners will be well-labeled so you know the order to switch from one to the next. If you ever have any questions about which aligner to use next, call your dental office. Skipping an aligner or bouncing backwards and forwards can lead to serious problems.

Extra Invisalign care hint: When you receive your customized Invisalign aligners, ask your dentist to thoroughly explain the order to follow. After finishing an aligner, put it somewhere else and not back in the original tray case.

Keep Track of Your Aligner Trays When You Take Them Off

Dentists can tell stories of patients frantically calling them to say they have lost their Invisalign aligners. You can avoid this problem by always storing your aligner tray in a special case. Never place an aligner tray on a napkin in a restaurant because you might forget it or throw it away.

Extra Invisalign care hint: Ask your dentist about carrying cases for Invisalign trays. You will always know where your aligner trays are.

Maintain Your Regular Dental Check-Ups

As an Invisalign patient, you should always stay on schedule with your dental check-ups and appointments. Even if you visited your dentist recently for an Invisalign check-up, keep your cleaning visit, too.

Extra Invisalign care hint: Talk with the dentist about arranging your six-month cleanings in conjunction with your Invisalign follow-up appointments, if at all possible.

Notify Your Dentist of Any Dental Problems Immediately

Although some tooth discomfort is to be expected with Invisalign treatment, any pain that is out of the ordinary requires a call to your dentist. The same is true with loose teeth, red gums, and other unusual oral health symptoms. The problem may have nothing to do with Invisalign, but that does not matter. Bringing any concerns to your dentist’s attention is always the wisest course of action.

Extra Invisalign care hint: Feeling a bit of achiness after switching your aligner tray? Try some ibuprofen or acetaminophen. You may also want to avoid hard foods until your teeth feel less sensitive.

Wear Your Retainer After Invisalign Treatment

After you are finished with Invisalign treatment, your care has not ended. You will have to wear a retainer at night for the rest of your life. Your retainer will help your teeth maintain their new, straight positions. If you stop wearing your retainer, you can expect potential tooth drifting.

Extra Invisalign care hint: Start wearing your retainer the first evening you stop needing your final plastic aligner. That way, you will become accustomed to your retainer immediately. Make it a habit!

Invisalign at Docklands Dental Studio

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