Since the late 1800s, x-ray technology has been used by doctors to assess underlying tissues and structures that are invisible to the naked eye. Until x-rays were discovered, treatment of conditions under the skin — broken arms, abscessed teeth, cancers, bowel obstructions – were based on diagnoses that were actually just educated guesses. Since their invention, x-rays have evolved, and at Docklands Dental Studio, we offer digital x-rays, the safest, most contemporary and environmentally friendly radiography available on the planet.

Are X-rays Safe?

Traditional dental x-rays require exposure of patients to a low dose of radiation, but now we have a safer technology with digital x-rays. The digital x-rays we use emit 80-90% less radiation than the low dose emitted by traditional x-ray machines. In other words, our x-rays are some of the safest available. Please let us know if you are concerned about radiation exposure, and we can share facts and statistics to set your mind at ease.

Digital radiography eliminates the need for using plastic sheets for image printing. No harsh chemicals are required, either, so digital x-rays are safe for the environment.

Another safety issue, though not often considered, is data safety. Because your x-ray images will be digitally saved, they’ll be securely stored in our computer system.

Why Do We Need X-rays?

X-rays revolutionized diagnostics in medicine and dentistry. Only a third of human dentition is visible in the mouth, with the naked eye. When doctors can evaluate underlying tissues and structures, including teeth roots, the jawbone, nerves, jaw joints, un-erupted and impacted teeth, and the surfaces where teeth meet, diagnostics becomes more accurate. This contributes to more effective treatment plans, which makes for more accurate, less invasive treatments and better health.

Imagine that you have a severe toothache, but the dentist sees no evidence of cavity, fracture, or infection. Your gums are not swollen. Without the ability to look inside and beneath the tooth, the dentist would only have your explanation of pain on which to base a diagnosis. The tooth may have a crack or decay below the gum line, or maybe an abscess at the tooth’s root. An x-ray reveals these conditions, and others, so that the doctor can prescribe appropriate, conservative treatment, hopefully without having to extract the painful tooth.

What Do Digital X-rays Look Like?

Your digital x-rays will be visible on a computer screen. The doctor will use the images to explain the findings and treatment options. One benefit of digital x-rays is their detail. We can zoom in to view parts of the image more closely.

We also use a panoramic x-ray. This machine makes all 32 teeth visible in one continuous, flat image. It allows the dentist to see the relationship between teeth, which is invaluable in diagnostics.

How Often Do You Need X-rays?

If you rarely have cavities, and you are not experiencing dental pain, you probably need x-rays every few years. Children and patients who have a higher occurrence of cavities may be better served with annual x-rays.


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