Partial and Full Dentures


Missing teeth can cause a long list of difficulties, including the inability to consume a healthy diet, poor confidence in your image, difficulty pronouncing sounds and words, and a shrinking, deteriorating jawbone. If you’ve lost many teeth or all of your teeth, don’t go without one day longer, and don’t settle for loose, slipping dentures that cause frustration and embarrassment. Today, at Docklands Dental Studio, our team helps patients like you reclaim an active life and great self-confidence with partial and full dentures that look, fit, and feel like beautiful, natural teeth.

About Partial Dentures

When teeth are lost in random places across an arch, a single bridge won’t suffice. Bridges replace one or more teeth in a row. You would need many bridges to replace all of the missing teeth. You could have remaining teeth extracted, then wear a full denture. This isn’t a conservative option if healthy teeth remain intact. A partial denture will address many lost teeth across an arch. The single appliance features clasps that attach to strong, healthy teeth for support. Partials can also be anchored to implants, if the patient has healthy bone density.

About Full Dentures

Full dentures replace all teeth. An upper denture may attach with suction to the roof of the mouth by way of a solid, closed palate. Alternatively, an upper denture can be held securely with denture adhesive. All lower dentures require adhesive. The underside of a denture is custom fitted to the bony jaw ridges, and over time, friction between the denture and gums will wear down the bony ridges, making them smoother. When the topography of the gums change, a denture will need relining to reestablish a secure fit. Once the ridges have become smooth, over the course of a few years, a denture may tend to slip, slide, and wobble, even with denture adhesive in place.

Dental implants can be installed to hold a denture securely to the jaw. Patients must have good oral health and sufficient bone density for successful implant placement. Four to six implants can retain a full denture, and the process takes three to six months for surgery, healing, and final placement of the denture. Learn more about dental implants and implant-retained dentures here.

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Do not settle for life with missing teeth. Reclaim your ability to speak, eat, and smile with confidence that your smile looks great and will function reliably in all situations. Call Docklands Dental Studio now to reserve an exam and consultation with one of our dentists to discuss full and partial dentures. We’ll take time to evaluate your oral health, then explain our findings, as well as treatment options. Our goal is to help you enjoy great oral health and strong, gorgeous teeth throughout your life.