The mouth is full of bacteria, and without a professional clean it is difficult to maintain optimal oral health to avoid inflammation and disease. At Docklands Dental Studio, we deliver comprehensive cleaning for all our new patients, as well as reminders for our existing clients to ensure they never miss a clean.

Professional cleaning can prevent oral diseases in numerous ways:

  • Using specialised tools, our dentists remove plaque from the teeth, an adhesive bacterial film which attaches to the teeth over time. It is important to remove the plaque regularly to ensure good oral wellbeing and to reduce the bacteria in the mouth.
  • Another substance that is removed during a professional clean is calculus, commonly known as tartar. It is a solid, mineralized material that results from persistent plaque on the teeth. Calculus causes gum disease, and is a breeding ground for bacteria in the mouth. Due to its robust nature, calculus is too hard to be removed with a toothbrush at home, and must be removed professionally.
  • Using a specialized mechanism, stains are also removed from the teeth during professional cleans to promote a brighter and healthier smile.


Removing these undesirable elements from the mouth not only improves oral health, but has positive benefits for general health as well. By reducing the amount of bacteria present in the body, the immune system can function more efficiently to reduce inflammation and infection.


The question is often asked, how often should one get a professional clean? The answer varies for each individual, depending on a number of variables such as current oral health, diet, history of periodontal disease and brushing technique. Although the majority of our patients return on a monthly basis to ensure their oral health is under control, for some patients it can be necessary to return three or even four times in a year to maintain good oral hygiene.


How can you keep your teeth and gums healthy in between visits?

  • Brushing with a soft toothbrush and fluoride paste twice a day
  • Regularly flossing in between the teeth, in addition to any interdental brushes recommended for optimal gum health
  • Returning regularly for dental check-ups, and letting us know of any issues or questions you may have about your oral health


Call us to book in for a professional clean today, or for any questions you may have. We are always happy to help!